Exploding Balloons ~ Confetti Exploding Balloons ~ Balloon Drops

If you want your party to go with a bang Exploding Balloons are always a good bet.Special parties and corporate events with or without a dance floor have benefited from the excitement created by these large latex balloons.Truly exceptional awards dinners may also choose to explode balloons at the end of the ceremony as a mark to finish that stage of the event.

The resulting bang from exploding balloons is just one stage of the surprise. Guests continue to be spellbound as they watch the fall-out from these giant latex balloons. The best exploding balloons hold in excess of 150 small balloons plus flutter fetti.

Exploding balloons are normally suspended from the ceiling or lighting truss and are exploded on cue by remote control at a time agreed by the hosts.The best time to do this is when the dance floor is full of guests.The detonation will take them by surprise and is controlled by pressing a red button on a control panel at the required time agreed by the hosts.

This effect is not cheap but very effective none the less.The cost is all part of the overall budget and can be quoted for as part of event decorations.The outer main balloon is normally 3 feet in diameter and can be clear with white or gold stars, glow stars or a solid colour such as green or red for a Christmas event.The colours of the small balloons inside can be any colour of the clients choice.These can be specified as the corporate colours if required. The outer 3 foot balloon can also be printed with the clients logo. Many corporate events will require this option.



This photo was taken by Gert Lush Photography Bristol