Balloon Releases can Create a BIG impact

Use them to:

  • Celebrate the opening of a new shop or premises
  • As part of an open day
  • As part of a photo opportunity in conjunction with local newspapers
  • To raise money for school events and charities
  • Awareness for a campaign
  • Promote a product or service
  • White wedding balloon release
  • Final farewell of a Love One 

Here at Party Balloons 4 You Bristol we can help you arrange a small or a big balloon release.

  Balloon Release Bristol



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Balloon Release at Funeral


Balloon Race and Release BristolBalloon Race and Releases

What better way to create an impact, whether raising money with a balloon race or raising awareness for a campaign or event a Balloon release can work well to promote a product or service (printed logo onto the balloons) or to celebrate the opening of a new shop or premises. Celebrate your special event on a grand scale with a colourful release of balloons they are guaranteed to attract a crowd and in many cases the press as well, it's a great photo opportunity when the balloons are released in the sky!

We can organise a balloon race or release for any number of balloons we can release from City Centers, Football Stadiums, Schools, Universities, Offices and Sport Stadiums to name but a few.

Balloon races work well to raise money for school events and charities or a good cause by selling race tickets in advance and attaching one to each balloon on the day - prizes can be offered for the balloon that travels the furthest after a given time period - it's a really fun way to raise money.   The balloons need to be inflated on the day of the release. The nearer you do it to the time of the release the further the balloons will travel.


Balloon Release at Funerals

 Add a personalized touch to the final farewell of a Loved one's committal service with a Balloon release.

 Helping family and friends understand and deal with loss is not easy.  A balloon release is a tangible way to help children and adults remember their loved one's.  It gives the people present one last chance to say good-bye.  At the end of the ceremony,  the balloons are released into the air bringing closure to a beautiful tribute service.

 We also offer a single white 16" latex funeral balloon where you can write a personlized message on the balloon we also put some wild flower seeds inside the balloon.

  Please note the balloons that we use and race labels are all biodegradable quality, decomposing at the same rate as an oak leaf.

 New Heart and Star Shap Balloon Drop or Balloon release Net

 Balloon drop kit in the shape of a heart. Perfect for weddings, Valentine's Day events etc. The kit includes a heart-shaped balloon drop net, ceiling clips, stitching and full instructions. The Heart will hold up to 400 x 5 inch balloons. Please note, 5" balloons do not float with helium. this kit is designed to DROP the balloons from an elevated position such as a ceiling 14 foot ceiling is the requirement.

 Balloon drop kit in the shape of a star.  Perfect for birthdays or any special events. The kit includes a star-shaped balloon drop net, stitching, ceiling clips and full instructions. The star will hold up to 325 x 5 inch balloons. Please note, 5" balloons do not float with helium. this kit is designed to DROP the balloons from an elevated position such as a ceiling a 14 foot ceiling is the requirment.


star and heart balloon drop


Professional Balloon and Flower Decoration For All Special Occasions.   We now offer Chair Cover Hire and Starlight Back Drops in the Bristol and Surrounding Areas.